Apollo Milchprodukte is a leading supplier of dairy products in Germany. We have achieved this position by doing more than focusing solely on shipping huge amounts of dairy products and ingredients. In fact, our focus has always been on finding new ways to add vision and value.


“Apollo Milchprodukte is an independent global dairy provider located in Germany. Apollo Milchprodukte adds value across the board in the food and feed sectors, in terms of quality assurance, logistics services, market intelligence, research and development, and risk management solutions.”


We aim to be a significant problem solver within the dairy industry, for the benefit of our partners and of society as a whole:

“We will play a leading role in the global dairy market by adding vision and value.”

Core values

We try to add value to our customers’ business in everything we do. This means that our core values also add value. Our core values reflect our ambition, our mentality and our beliefs. Five simple words, which connect the way we think, act and add.

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Apollo Milchprodukte GmbH

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